Thanks for stopping by. In brief, I am a professional composer and sound designer working in the video games industry. I’ve been fortunate to have created original audio content for an array of cool projects, ranging from small to large, console to social, for developers and publishers such as Activision, Popcap, Electronic Arts, THQ/Dreamworks, F9, Eidos, Gree, Playdom, Griptonite, Microsoft Game Studios, iWin, Disney Interactive, Google and many more. For an ‘official’ list of games I’ve been directly involved with, please see my credit list. If you’d like to take a listen to my work, please visit the music page.

In 1998 I created Soundrangers with my biz partner Kev Tone. Soundrangers is an original pioneer in the online delivery of production music and sound effects and is the first online library of music and sound effects created and optimized for game and interactive development. In addition to the custom design work I do, I actively create and license content from this platform to interactive developers looking for a reliable source of quality, professional audio assets.